The town of Weaverville was established in 1850.  In the succeeding years, there were some devastating fires that destroyed most of the town. 


In April 1898 the County Supervisors appointed a three-member board to act as Fire Commissioners, and on April 12, 1898 the Fire District was established. The District enacted Ordinance #1 which put into effect controls regarding stoves, stove pipes, furnaces, and many other issues that pertained to fire safety. There was still no active talk of organized firefighting or of an official department. Equipment still consisted of the old firefighting bucket brigade.


In September of 1905 another devastating fire served as a reminder that more needed to be done and in March of 1906, the Commission purchased a hand pumper engine, three hose carts, five hydrants, and some other equipment. Later that year a 40 member Volunteer Department was established and a Fire Chief, Foreman, Secretary, and Treasurer were elected.

Thus, Weaverville Fire Protection District and Weaverville Volunteer Fire Department became two entities working together, as one, to provide the community of Weaverville with a fire service.




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Our apparatus bay in 1998.

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