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Current Apparatus and Vehicles

In order of purchase


Year: Circa 1855

Make/Builder: John Agnew

Date Received: May 1906

Received From: Trustees, Red Bluff

Pump/Other Descriptor: Philadelphia Style, Double Deck, End Stroke        


Other info/Notes/Stories: This engine was originally designed to be pulled by hand. In March 1907 the Department installed a tongue so the pumper could be pulled by horses when available. The engine has been reconditioned three times in the past. First in the 1950's, again in the 1960's and a full restoration was done in the 1980s. The engine is currently housed in the Richard C. Berrien Fire Museum located in Weaverville. There are more pictures and info here.


Other info/Notes/Stories: This engine was the third fire apparatus the department added to its fleet and is still referred to as Engine No. 3. It has an 85 gallon water tank and still runs. The engine went through a renovation in the early 1990s and still needs to be pinstriped and lettered. Engine No. 3 is currently housed at Weaverville Fire Department Station #2 and can be seen during local car shows and parades. You can find more information, stories, pictures, and videos here.

Cost: $650.00

Pump/Other Descriptor: Sold as a Type 75 Reg. #1888. Junior Pump 350gpm

Received From: Montecito City F.D.

Date Received: February 1937

Make/Builder: American LaFrance Model 12

Year: 1917


Other info/Notes/Stories: Engine No. 7 is housed at Weaverville Fire Department Station #2. It is in good working order and still pumps water. You can see this engine during parades and local car shows.

Cost: $12,883.80

Pump/Other Descriptor: GM 503 6 cyl. in line. Tank size in 500 gallons with a Hale 1000gpm pump.      

Received From:New

Date Received: November 1953

Make/Builder: GMC Van Pelt Co., Inc.

Year: 1953


Year: 1997

Make/Builder: International / BME

Date Received: Sept 1997

Received From: New

Pump/Other Descriptor: Pump is a Darley 500gmp and was rebuilt in 2019. It has a 500 gallon tank


Other info/Notes/Stories: This Type III engine was originally called Engine 11 and its current call sign is 2131. If this engine could talk it would have some crazy stories to tell. It has responded to all major wildfires within Trinity County as well as with strike teams to fires throughout California including, most recently, the Thomas Fire, Carr Fire, and Camp Fire.


Year: 2005

Make/Builder: Freightliner/Pierce pumper

Date Received: March 2005

Received From:New

Pump/Other Descriptor:

Cost: $183,000

Other info/Notes/Stories: This Type I engine is our first-line structure fire engine. It seats 5 firefighters.


Other info/Notes/Stories: Purchased Open Bid

Cost: $56,080

Pump/Other Descriptor: Pump is a Hale Q-Max single stage. It has a 600 gallon steel tank.

Received From: San Ramon F.D.

Date Received: Jan 2013

Make/Builder: HME Hi-Tech TCM

Year: 1995


Other info/Notes/Stories: The Utility/Rescue Box form the 1992 Ford F250 was remounted on the new chassis.


Pump/Other Descriptor: 4x4, 4 Door Crew Cab

Received From:New

Date Received:

Make/Builder: Ford F450

Year: 2009


Other info/Notes/Stories:

Cost: $31,785.75

Pump/Other Descriptor:Utility Vehicle.  Call Sign B2103

Received From:New

Date Received: Dec 2014

Make/Builder: Chevy Silverado

Year: 2015

Year: 1990

Make/Builder: Pierce Tele-Squirt Engine

Date Received:Sept 2015

Received From: Sunriver F.D.

Pump/Other Descriptor:

Cost: $20,000

Other info/Notes/Stories:


Year: 2016

Make/Builder: Chevy Silverado

Date Received: Oct 2016

Received From: New

Pump/Other Descriptor: Utility Vehicle specifically set aside for use by the Hazardous Fire Fuels Reduction Team it can also pull the air trailer. Call sign 2161

Cost: 31,242.77

Other info/Notes/Stories:


Year: 2016

Make/Builder:International / Ferrara

Date Received: June 2018

Received From:New

Pump/Other Descriptor: Hale AP50 PTO 500 GPM pump with a 2000 gallon water tank. Call sign 2141

Cost: $226,840.14

Other info/Notes/Stories:

Other info/Notes/Stories:

Cost: $37,854.92

Pump/Other Descriptor: Utility Vehicle specifically set aside for use by the Fire Chief. Call sign C2101.

Date Received: Oct 2019

Make/Builder: Dodge Ram

Year: 2019


Other info/Notes/Stories:

Cost: $462,419.03

Pump/Other Descriptor: This is a stock is a wildland Model 34 engine, which is called 2132. It is 4x4 off-road capable and is built on an International 4-door cab and chassis. The engine carries 500 gallons of water and has pump-and-roll capabilities. 

Date Received: Mar 1, 2023

Make/Builder: BME/International Type 3

Year: 2023

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